Clad Metal and Brazing Material in Sheet, Strip, Foil, etc.

As a metal clad materials manufacturer in China, Yinbang is one of the listed enterprises in Chinese clad metal industry, whose stock code is 300337. Our company is capable of providing all kinds of aluminum composite materials and aluminum matrix composites, from aluminum brazing sheet, aluminum clad stainless steel, aluminum clad steel, to copper clad aluminum. Custom clad metal is also available as per client side demands on material type and application environment. Our range of metal clad materials are popular selections in industries such as automobile, engineering machinery, thermal power station and home appliances. Additionally, to meet customers specific requirements, our range of brazing alloy and clad metal comes in various forms. To illustrate, our brazing material is available in forms such as plate, strip, foil, chunk, sheet, shim, and so on; while our clad metal materials are often available in plate, coil and disc forms. In addition toclad materials and brazing alloys, Yinbang can also offer 3D printing service, hot isostatic pressing service and aeronautical titanium alloy powder. We welcome you to contact us to find out more about our latest products.