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Aluminum Brazing Sheet for Heat Exchanger

Our company is committed to developing aluminum brazing sheets and exploring solutions which can increase the values of customers’ products.

1. Our range of aluminum brazing sheet is adapted for different kinds of brazing processes, such as Nocolok brazing and vacuum brazing. Available in both aluminum sheets and aluminium coils, they can be widely used in the parts of automobile engine and air conditioning system, such as radiator, condenser, evaporator, charge air cooler, oil cooler and fan heater.
2. The brazing material is also suitable for micro-channel heat exchanger, water heater and PTC heating unit of home appliances.
3. In industrial field, our aluminum brazing sheet can be applied to the cooling system of thermal power station, engineering machinery and gas separation equipment.

Due to its stable clad ratio, reliable mechanical property and excellent corrosion resistance, our aluminum clad material has a good reputation among customers.

Our company has specially designed many new aluminum brazing sheets for heat exchangers to meet the technical requirements of different customers. According to different application demands, we have developed the aluminum alloy sheet material for radiator, sagging resistance brazing aluminum alloy for fin and high-strength ageing-strength brazing aluminum alloy for main plate.

Standard Core Alloy & Brazing Alloy

Core Alloy Brazing Technique Application Property
AA3003 CAB,VB Plate Average strength
YB304 CAB Fin High strength
YB307 CAB Plate High strength
YB308 CAB Plate High strength, long lifespan alloy
YB309 CAB Plate High strength, long lifespan alloy
YB311 CAB Radiator tube High strength, long lifespan alloy
YB508 CAB Radiator tube High strength, long lifespan alloy
AA6951 VB Oil cooler plate High strength
AA6060 VB Oil cooler plate High strength
AA6063 VB Oil cooler plate High strength
(1) CAB brazing alloy: AA4343, AA4045, AA4343+1%Zn, AA4045+1%Zn.
(2) VB brazing alloy: AA4004, AA4104.

Remark: CAB refers brazing process of controlled atmosphere which using Nocolok flux;
VB refers to the vacuum brazing process;
AA refers to the American standards alloy code;
YB refers to Yinbang developed alloy code. 


Aluminum Brazing Sheet in Coils Aluminum Brazing Sheets
Thickness 0.06 up to 3.0mm 0.4 up to 4.0mm
Width 12 up to 1300mm 450 up to 1300mm
Length Max. 6000mm
Tolerance standard Conforming to DIN, EN, ASME standards
Inner diameter 100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500mm
Outer diameter 1700mm
Surface Mill finish
Cladding one-side; double-side; multi-layer cladding
Cladding thickness 4% - 30%
Cladding thickness tolerance Cladding thickness of 4% -6% :+/-1.5%
Cladding thickness of 6% -12% :+/-2%
Cladding thickness of 12% -16% :+/-2.5%
Cladding thickness of 16% -20% :+/-3%
Cladding thickness of 20% -30% :+/-4%
Marking Ink marking

In order to facilitate your purchasing, we prepare you some forms showing the information of aluminum brazing sheets suitable for different applications. You can download the forms by yourself or contact our salesmen to learn about the detailed information.

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