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Multi Metal Clad Materials(Aluminum and Stainless Steel)

As an experienced multi metal clad materials manufacturer, our company can provide you with different kinds of aluminum clad stainless steel according to your requirements. Our aluminum composite material combines the physical and chemical characteristics of both aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore this selection of metal matrix composites is not only of light weight but also has better corrosion resistance and heat exchange performance.

If you are a raw material purchasing agent of enterprises producing automobile bumpers, elevator parts, wheelchair parts, refrigerator parts or energy-saving cookware, the high-quality metal matrix composite we produce is your ideal choice. Our aluminum clad stainless steel has the advantages of high purity, high production efficiency and short delivery cycle. It has more outstanding performance when being used to make energy-saving cookware.

We can offer you two, three and five-layer metal matrix composites based on your needs.

Two-Layer Metal Matrix Composites (Aluminum and Stainless Steel)

Combination of stainless steel and aluminum alloy endows this aluminum matrix composite with more excellent heat exchanging performance, better anti-corrosion property, higher strength and lighter weight.

With the above advantages, our 2-layer metal matrix composites are perfect for making energy-saving cookware as well as automobile parts such as bumper. They can also be used as interior and exterior building decoration material in replace of pure stainless steel sheet.

Number of layers Composition Thickness range Width
Two SUS304/1060 1.5~4mm ≤800mm
SUS304/3003 1.5~4mm ≤800mm
SUS304/5052 1.5~4mm ≤800mm
Number of layers Composition Thickness range Round sheet diameter/Width Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation (%)
Two SUS304/1060 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥33 ≥21 48
SUS430/1060 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥32 ≥23 32
SUS304/3003 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥29 ≥26 30
SUS430/3003 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥30 ≥25 30

Three-Layer Metal Matrix Composites (Stainless Steel/Iron – Aluminum -Stainless Steel/Iron)

Application Fields
Cookware, interior and exterior building decoration material

This three-layer aluminum matrix composite has excellent heat transfer performance, perfect appearance. It is easy to machine and harmless to human health.

Number of layers Composition Thickness range Round sheet diameter/Width Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation (%)
Three SUS304/1060/SUS304 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥33 ≥21 48
SUS304/1060/SUS430 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥32 ≥23 32
SUS430/1060/SUS430 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥30 ≥25 30

Five-Layer Metal Matrix Composites (Stainless Steel-Aluminum-Aluminum-Aluminum-Stainless Iron)

Perfectly integrating the advantages of stainless steel, aluminum and stainless iron, our five-layer metal clad material has fine performance of solidness, bacterial resistance and electrical conductivity. This aluminum composite material is quite suitable for making kitchenware such as pan. Pans made of this material can be used on electromagnetic induction cooker and avoid the disadvantages like easy sticking and non-uniform heat conduction of traditional pans.

Number of layers Composition Thickness range Round sheet diameter /Width Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation (%)
Five SUS304/1060/3003/1060/SUS304 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥33 ≥21 48
SUS304/1060/3003/1060/SUS430 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥32 ≥23 32
SUS430/1060/3003/1060/SUS430 1.5~4mm ≤550mm ≥30 ≥25 30

Other Information Related to Metal Matrix Composites
1. Certification:
ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management certification
ISO/9001: 2008 quality management certification
ISO14001: 2004 environment management certification

2. Lead Time: 50~70 days

Application of Metal Matrix Composites

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