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Multi Metal Clad Materials(Aluminum and Steel)

1. As a popular selection of multi metal clad materials, our aluminum clad steel is available in both sheets and plate forms. Due to the advantages of stable performance, premium quality and short delivery cycle, this range of aluminum matrix composites are widely accepted by many power plants and applied to their air cooling systems. Our company fills the blank of steel aluminum composite material in China and change the situation that all the multi metal clad materials used as base tube material for air cooling system in domestic power stations are imported.

2. Our multi metal clad materials can also be made into aluminum steel cladding induction panel which is usually used in the contact rail power supply system in city subway construction. Compared with the traditional overhead contact system, this new power supply mode has the characteristics of fine electricity conductivity, low unit electric resistance, high wear resistance, light weight, etc. In addition, it is easy to install and safe to use. This power supply system helps lower the electric energy loss of traction electric network, save operation cost and beautify the city.

Our company has a dedicated multi metal clad materials production line with monthly production capacity of 5000t to meet the demands of different customers. By virtue of high product quality and efficient delivery, our company has good reputation among customers. Over the years, we have provided premium-quality aluminium composite sheets and plates for many air-cooling power generating equipment manufacturers and decoration material producers.

Aluminum Clad Steel

Application fields
This style of metal matrix composite is often used for making condenser pipeline of the air cooling system in thermal power plant, decoration material, etc.

Clad Metal Specifications
Type Thickness Width Al-free area Thickness of aluminum cladding layer Application
One-side cladding 1.5-1.52mm ≤460mm 4mm ±1mm 60-80um Base tube material for air cooling system
Both-side cladding ≤2mm ≤600mm Anticorrosive materialDecoration materialHeat exchange material

Advantages of Aluminum Clad Steel
1. This metal matrix composite is a composite of special steel and aluminium alloy thus it perfectly integrates the high strength of steel and the excellent heat exchange performance of aluminum.
2. Our aluminum clad steel also makes brazing for steel and aluminum fin possible. Therefore, it creates a big revolution in large cooling system design.
3. In China, this metal matrix composite is widely used in the single-row pipelines of air cooling system in power station. The air cooling system helps save tens of tons fresh water resource.

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