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Multi Metal Clad Materials(Babbitt Metal and Steel)

As a company specialized in manufacturing multi metal clad materials, we can produce the clad metal to serve as bearing bush material. The clad metal adopts babbitt metal and steel as raw materials, thus it has excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-seizing performance. It is an ideal metal matrix composite for making sliding bearing. In addition to the multi metal clad materials for bearing bush production, we can also produce other kinds of metal composites according to customers’ requirements.

Babbitt-steel composite material

Features of the Metal Matrix Composite
The babbitt metal (aluminum alloy containing high content of tin) we produce is a perfect material for making self-lubricating bearing bush, which is an important part of a sliding bearing. This bi-metal bearing bush material is essential for the power system of automobiles or ships.

Application Field: Sliding bearing

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