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Multi Metal Clad Materials(Aluminum and Copper)

1. This range of multi metal clad materials is mainly constructed using aluminum and cooper. Cooper is the optimal heat and electricity conductor, while aluminum is the second to copper. Thus our aluminum copper composite tube not only has better heat and electricity conductivity but also has light weight and low production cost.
2. The metal matrix composite we offer can be used as replacement for traditional copper to reduce material weight and lower production cost.
3. Since cupric ion has bactericidal effect, our aluminum matrix composites are quite appropriate for making medical devices and handrails in hospitals.

Copper-aluminum clad material

As a kind of metal matrix composite, the clad metal is light, sanitary, low-cost, and highly corrosion resistant.

Copper clad aluminum strip and sheet
Number of layers Composition Thickness range Width
Two Cu/1060 1.5~4mm ≤500mm
Cu/3003 1.5~4mm ≤500mm
1.5~4mm ≤500mm

Other Information Related to Copper Clad Aluminum Material
1. Certification:
ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management certification
ISO/9001: 2008 quality management certification
ISO14001: 2004 environment management certification
2. Type: plate, strip
3. Lead Time: 50~70 days

Applications of the Metal Matrix Composite
Cookware, interior and exterior building material, medical device, etc.

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