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  • Aluminum Brazing Sheet (for Heat Exchanger)

    Our range of aluminum brazing sheet is adapted for different kinds of brazing processes, such as Nocolok brazing and vacuum brazing. Available in both aluminum sheets and aluminium coils, they can be widely used in the parts of automobile engine and air conditioning system.

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    1. Aluminum and Stainless Steel

      Our 2-layer metal matrix composites are perfect for making energy-saving cookware as well as automobile parts such as bumper. They can also be used as interior and exterior building decoration material in replace of pure stainless steel sheet.

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    1. Aluminum and Steel

      Due to the advantages of stable performance, premium quality and short delivery cycle, this range of aluminum matrix composites are widely accepted by many power plants and applied to their air cooling systems.

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    1. Babbitt Metal and Steel

      The clad metal adopts babbitt metal and steel as raw materials, thus it has excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-seizing performance. It is an ideal metal matrix composite for making sliding bearing.

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    1. Aluminum and Copper

      The metal matrix composite we offer can be used as replacement for traditional copper to reduce material weight and lower production cost.
      Since cupric ion has bactericidal effect, our aluminum matrix composites are quite appropriate for making medical devices and handrails in hospitals.

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    1. Custom Combination

      Most of our clad metal adopt aluminum as base material. The aluminum base material can be clad with other types of metal to get aluminum matrix composites with desired physical and chemical properties.

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