Automotive Industry
We all know that radiator, condenser, evaporator, charge air cooler are main parts of an automobile. Quality of these parts influences the performance of the whole automobile. As an aluminum brazing sheet manufacturer, Yinbang has production capacity of 7000t per month thus can meet the purchasing demands of different customers. By virtue of superior quality products and short delivery cycle, our company has good reputation both at home and abroad.

Engineering and Industrial Machinery
Finned heat exchanger is an essential part for engineering machinery. The aluminum brazing sheet our company produces can be used as raw material for making finned heat exchanger and condenser of engineering machinery. Every year, we provide various kinds of aluminum alloy materials for heat exchanger and condenser manufacturers both at home and abroad.

Home Appliance
Most home appliances like air conditioner, washing machine, microwave oven and refrigerator are equipped with heat exchangers and condensers. For example, a refrigerator uses a condenser to get rid of heat extracted from the interior of the unit to the outside air. Our company can produce different grades of aluminum alloy materials for heat exchangers and these aluminum alloy materials are favored by customers due to their premium quality and short delivery cycle.

Air Separation
The air separation plant uses air as raw material and turns it into liquid via a refrigeration cycle. Then through cryogenic distillation, liquid air is separated into several components, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other rare inert gases.
Heat balance inside the air separation plant is achieved by the cooling system and heat exchanger. Advances in modern technology allow us to use the aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger for greater heat transfer efficiency.

Industrial Field
Specialized in producing precise aluminum alloy clad material, Yinbang is able to provide customers with different types of metal clad materials according to their requirements. Our products are produced strictly in accordance with related international standards and the grades of our products are consistent to the international grades of metal materials. Our following products are widely used in industrial fields.

Automotive Parts
Bumpers are the safety devices used to absorb and reduce impact so as to protect the front and back parts of an automobile. The aluminum clad stainless steel we offer is an excellent aluminum matrix composite for producing automotive bumpers. Our company can produce varies kinds of metal matrix composites in different thickness based on customers’ requirements.

Bearing Industry
Bearings are essential parts for most of mechanical equipment. They are mainly used for fixing purpose or for reducing loading friction coefficient. To meet the market demand, our company provides customers with high-quality clad metal for making bearings. This sort of metal matrix composites is made of Babbitt metal clad with steel. With self-lubricating property, our range of Babbitt metal is an important material for sliding bearing manufacturing.

Power Station
The aluminum matrix composites Yinbang produces can be applied in the cooling system of power station. The aluminum clad steel strip we develop independently fills the blank in China and changes the situation that all the steel-aluminum clad materials used for making base tubes of cooling system in domestic power stations are imported.

As a essential tool for kitchen, cookware is brings lot of convenience to our life. The aluminum clad stainless steel and stainless iron clad aluminum Yinbang produces can be used for the fabrication of energy-saving cookware. Compared with pure stainless steel (stainless iron) material, our stainless steel (stainless iron) clad aluminum has both excellent heat exchanging performance and high corrosion resistance.

Construction Industry
The clad metal Yinbang offers can be used for curtain wall, elevator parts, sink, water faucet, etc. Adopting our aluminum matrix composites as raw materials to produce those products will help improve the performance of the products.

Body & Sheet Metal
It's widely used for car, vessel, high speed train and aviation.