Clad Metal for Construction Industry

The clad metal Yinbang offers can be used for curtain wall, elevator parts, sink, water faucet, etc. Adopting our aluminum matrix composites as raw materials to produce those products will help improve the performance of the products.

Curtain Wall
Having smooth surface and light weight, our stainless steel clad material is an ideal material for curtain wall.

Elevator Parts
We can provide you with stainless steel clad aluminum material which is quite suitable for being used as the door panel or body panel of elevators. This sort of clad material has light weight, high plasticity, smooth surface and is not easy to deform.

Copper clad aluminum and stainless steel clad aluminum are widely-used materials for making faucets. These two kinds of clad materials have high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

Sink made of our stainless steel clad material has a smooth and clean surface presenting strong metallic effects. As show in the picture, this sink is quite suitable for restaurants, hotels, airports and other high-end public places.