Aluminum Matrix Composites for Power Station

The aluminum matrix composites Yinbang produces can be applied in the cooling system of power station. The aluminum clad steel strip we develop independently fills the blank in China and changes the situation that all the steel-aluminum clad materials used for making base tubes of cooling system in domestic power stations are imported. Our company contributes to the localization of air cooling system for domestic power station and our product plays an important role in saving water resource in thermal power stations.

Clad Metals
Type Thickness Width Al-free area Thickness of aluminum cladding layer Application
One-side cladding 1.5-1.52mm ≤460mm 4mm ±1mm 60-80um Base tube material for air cooling system
Both-side cladding ≤2mm ≤600mm Anticorrosive materialDecoration materialHeat exchange material