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Service on Aluminum Brazing Material/Multi-metal Clad Material

1. Pre-sales Service
We will communicate with customers to learn about their requirements, provide them with high-quality technical supports, recommend them proper types of metal matrix composites and offer sample products. It is important to talk with customers about their requirements on the application field of the clad metal, metal material grade and material specification (sheet, strip or foil).

2. In-sales Service
Yinbang has stable APS system to arrange production schedule. In addition, our company has service staff to take charge of the order of every customer. Our service stall will follow the whole product production process, inform the customer of the production progress and arrange shipment as soon as possible.

3. After-sales Service
If quality problems occur, the problems will be sent to the quality department to find out the causes and we will give the customer a reply within 24 hours. If the products do have defects caused by our side, we will bear all the responsibility to deal with the problems.

4. Additional services
Yinbang has a complete research and development system. Empowered by experienced staff and a complete array of equipment, we can satisfy client-side every demand on special types of aluminum alloy and clad metal. If you have any related demand, please feel free to contact us.